About Us

Why choose " SellAnyCars.lk "

SellAnCars.lk will buy any car. How do we do it? Well, as the largest and most established buyer of cars, SellAnCars.lk has the purchasing power to offer a competitive price for your car and to buy it straight away. With authorized dealers all over the country, SellAnCars.lk is the easiest and quickest way to sell and trade your car.

SellAnCars.lk collects your car's details online - then all you need to do is come into any one of our authorised dealer locations around the country and after a quick inspection, we'll transfer the money directly into your bank account. No haggling, no hassle.

Our Services 

Sell your car for free , Trade your old vehicle for a new one for free of charge, Buy any vehicle though our largest dealer network ,  Leasing and  Finance arrangements and many more ect...

Vision and Mission

Founder & CEO of SellAnCars.lk, says that “Selling a car used to be a lengthy and risky process. Consumers were not sure about their car’s real values, needed to arrange too many appointments with time-wasters or might have ended up getting ripped off. SellAnCars.lk makes selling any car easy, fair and quick. You can literally find out your car’s value within minutes, sell your car and get paid within minutes. We are located in all major cities all over the country and soon will be the biggest car buyer in the region.